About Asylum Paintball


What is Asylum Paintball?

Asylum Paintball provides you with the best paintball experience in New Zealand. We combine the best equipment, friendliest staff and most exciting fields, with competitive pricing that ensures that our customers keep coming back.

Our equipment is constantly maintained, our safety standards meet and exceed both New Zealand and international best practise and with our team based in both New Zealand and the USA we are constantly researching and applying the latest trends - meaning you, the customer has an awesome day out paintballing!

Located in the maximum security wards of the former Kingseat psychiatric hospital, the hospital was in operation from 1932-1999, where the buildings have been abandoned ever since.

In 2012, we took over the lease and began to develop our paintball park, constructing a top of the line tournament sports field on the former soccer pitch, as well as our popular “lockdown ward” and “tyre mania fields”.

We have a unique mix of both indoor and outdoor fields, close quarter battle and tournament layouts like no other paintball park in New Zealand. We are the only field in the country that can operated rain or shine.

Asylum has hosted a range of local and national level sporting tournaments including the New Zealand Paintball Players League, Asylum Cup and South Auckland Paintball Club events. Our tournament park is the only field of it’s type that meets all requirements for NXL, PSP, PALS & Millennium Series style events.

Come and check us out, we are only a short drive from Auckland’s CBD and easily accessible via the motorway from the North Shore, Manukau, East Auckland, South Auckland and Pukekohe in less than 30-45 minutes in good traffic.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional paintball player, or a weekend warrior - Asylum Paintball is for you!

What does Asylum Paintball Do?

  • All inclusive impulse-tag and paintball parties for ages 6 and older.
  • Impact Free *Impulse* games
  • Low Impact paintball games for children (6+)
  • GOTCHA paintball games for teenagers (10+)
  • CLASSIC paintball for teens and adults
  • Stag Do specialty paintball sessions
  • Corporate team building and events
  • Product / brand launches
  • CQB style training for military, security and law enforcement professionals
  • Scenario, Mil-Sim and CQB paintball
  • Arenas for hire (for airsoft clubs)
  • Tournament Style Paintball Training