About Asylum Paintball


What is Asylum Paintball?

Asylum Paintball provides you with the best paintball experience in New Zealand. We combine the best equipment, friendliest staff and most exciting fields, with competitive pricing that ensures that our customers keep coming back.

Our equipment is constantly maintained, our safety standards meet and exceed both New Zealand and international best practise and with our team based in both New Zealand and the USA we are constantly researching and applying the latest trends - meaning you, the customer has an awesome day out paintballing!

Located in the maximum security wards of the former Kingseat psychiatric hospital, the hospital was in operation from 1932-1999, where the buildings have been abandoned ever since.

In 2012, we took over the lease and began to develop our paintball park, constructing a top of the line tournament sports field on the former soccer pitch, as well as our popular “lockdown ward” and “tyre mania fields”.

We have a unique mix of both indoor and outdoor fields, close quarter battle and tournament layouts like no other paintball park in New Zealand. We are the only field in the country that can operated rain or shine.

Asylum has hosted a range of local and national level sporting tournaments including the New Zealand Paintball Players League, Asylum Cup and South Auckland Paintball Club events. Our tournament park is the only field of it’s type that meets all requirements for NXL, PSP, PALS & Millennium Series style events.

Come and check us out, we are only a short drive from Auckland’s CBD and easily accessible via the motorway from the North Shore, Manukau, East Auckland, South Auckland and Pukekohe in less than 30-45 minutes in good traffic.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional paintball player, or a weekend warrior - Asylum Paintball is for you!

What does Asylum Paintball Do?

  • Open "Walkon" paintball games for individuals or groups
  • Low Impact pain-free paintball for children
  • Corporate team building and events
  • Product or brand launches
  • CQB style training for military, security and law enforcement professionals
  • Scenario, Mil-Sim and CQB paintball
  • Tournament Style Paintball Training


While we might look young(ish) our management team have a combined experience in the paintball industry of at least 40 years, working at fields, competing at events and getting shot in locations as diverse as: New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, France, Germany, Croatia and Russia. We've been involved with major events such as the Paintball World Cup Asia, New Zealand Paintball Players League and are in senior positions at the South Auckland Paintball Club. We eat, sleep, live and breath paintball night and day.


Our staff have a wide range of diverse experience in education, sports, team building and events. Our highly experienced instructors will ensure that your paintball experience is both safe and fun. Find out more about our team here.


  • I have been a couple of times, on both occasions have really enjoyed my self, great set up and staff are fantastic, very knowledgeable. My experience at Asylum has encouraged me to get into the sport, Cheers guys

    Tim H, Auckland

  • Went for a friends birthday party and had such a great time. The staff were enthusiastic as well as being safe. Won't bother going to any other ground after trying these guys out.

    Kat F, Auckland

  • Great people, great place. Anyone can attend paintball game on Sundays. No need to form teams, you can just come and they add you to one of teams.

    Vladimir, Auckland

  • Must do again. Great for kids! Even us adults had the best of fun. We all left giggling, reminiscing & speaking of organising the next time we are going to go. Hosts are lovely, easy going people. Couldn't of asked for a better experience. I definitely recommend checking them out. Also the fact that it is located at Kingseat (the old mental institution) in the maximum security wing, makes it that more edgy. Love love love.

    TeArohaY, Auckland

  • Great awesome friendly staff. Multiple courses so you don't get sick of the same one. I'll definitely have to say the mental house was so fun with our group of friends. Great staff, Great courses...cant go wrong.

    YippeKyYAY, Auckland

  • Had such a fun time there playing paintball. The staff are really friendly and helpful. Can't wait to go back soon.

    Andrew M, Auckland

  • Great staff, informative and safety conscious. Our course catered for kids 6 through to 40 we all had a ball. Split up into 2 teams with the same goal, different strategies were used to achieve the same objective. The day was finished off with Pizza and Drinks. Our party of 11 had a awesome day and highly recommend it to other families in the same situation having children with various ages. Cant wait to go back soon.

    Andrew T, Auckland

  • Our airsoft club (Tauranga Airsoft Club) organised an event at the Asylum and we thoroughly enjoyed it! The combination of fields and the rush of playing Close Quarters Battles inside the old hospital building made for a fun-filled, action-packed event. The staff were very accommodating and expressed great interest in working with our club to host future events. We are all looking forward to playing at the Asylum again. It is a new favourite gaming field!

    Tony, Tauranga Airsoft Club