Best paintball arenas only at Asylum Paintball

The team at Asylum Paintball is working hard to provide you with the best, most interesting, playable and atmospheric paintball arenas out there. We constantly improve the arenas, add new barricades and objectives to make games more exciting and fun.

Arenas currently available for games at Asylum Paintball

Splat Arena


Designed for Indoor Paintball - Splat Arena is the ultimate playground for kids from 6 to 99 years old.

Everybody is bound to enjoy this safe, indoor, carpeted playing area.

Fitted with a sound system and LED color lights Splat Arena has a lot to like and remember.

Drums of War


Drums of war is built as massive outdoor urban assault course. This arena is setup with the spirit of post-apocalyptic scenes. Battle it out among tonnes of drums. It doesn't matter if you are a first timer or a seasoned pro, the Drums of War arena has a lot to like.

Tyre Mania


New Zealand classic - tyre field - taken to the extreme! Deserted courtyard jam packed with jumbo tyres from heavy vehicles and machinery. Awaken your death match skills and experience battling inside a fully caged arena. Tyre mania is certain to provide intense, action packed, fast paced fun games.

Paintball Sport


Asylum Paintball Sport arena hosted many of New Zealand national and international events since opened in October 2013. Play like the professionals do on a regulation sized tournament field. Setup using inflatable, movable obstacles allowing for unlimited layouts. Sport style games will test your team work, communication, strategy and tactics. Adrenaline rush is inevitable.

Arenas Coming to Asylum Paintball End of 2017

New Indoor Arena coming November 2017


We are currently setting up a new Indoor arena, which will be available for limited use in November 2017. CQB style battles are coming back !

New Outdoor Arena coming December 2017


Asylum Paintball is ever expanding, and a new outdoor arena is not too far away, to be available for games by mid December 2017.