Best paintball arenas only at Asylum Paintball

The team at Asylum Paintball is working hard to provide you with the best, most interesting, playable and atmospheric paintball arenas out there. We constantly improve the arenas, add new barricades or objectives and make games even more exciting and fun.

Indoor Arenas

Asylum Paintball is the only park in Auckland to provide TWO 100% indoor arenas

Splat Arena

  • 100% Indoor with L.E.D lighting and custom built Sound System
  • Fully carpeted, with huge plastic crates as barricades
  • Best for Kids and Teens parties

DOOM Arena

  • 100% Indoor center-symmetrical Maze
  • Built in the best traditions of the "old-school" computer games
  • The real C.Q.C / C.Q.B experience

Open-Air Arenas

With FIVE outdoor arenas Asylum Paintball offers a wide variety of game scenarios

Wrecking Yard

  • Large outdoor arena
  • Mixed terrain, mostly grassed area
  • Wrecked cars, 300 Unimog tyres and a backdrop of Kingseat buildings

Urban Assault

  • Mid-sized outdoor arena
  • Hard and flat surface (tarmac) with multiple barricades
  • Designed specifically for "president" and "attack & defend" games

Tyre Mania

  • Fully caged outdoor arena
  • New Zealand classic battleground taken to the extreme
  • Perfect to practice your "Deathmatch" or "Battle Royale" skills

Paintball Sport

  • Full tournament-size outdoor arena
  • Maintained grassed area with inflatable barricades
  • Professional style games will test your team-work and communication

Drums of War

  • Our largest outdoor arena
  • Professionally maintained flat grassed area
  • Perfect arena to test your tactical skills

Night-time games are available

  • Outdoor and Indoor arenas
  • Various scenarios played across 3 of our most popular arenas
  • Experience the thrill of playing the shadows or stay in the light