*Paradox* Teens Game Parties

Digital Impulse Tag Parties for Older Kids and Teenagers*


*Recommended Age 10-18 Years

*Parents and adults can join the games

NO IMPACT and pain free

Groups play individually

Games run all year long

Party rooms available

Party food & Catering options

All weather INDOOR arena

Multiple OUTDOOR arenas

All necessary equipment provided (including overalls)

Fixed price "peace of mind" packages

Check Live Availability and Book Your Party

*Paradox* Game Party Packages

  • extra Person

  • Experience Time
  • Full Playing Gear
  • Overalls
  • Entertaining Challenging Games
  • BBQ Area Hire
  • Party Room Hire
  • HELL Pizza
  • Premium

  • $369


    set price for a group of 10

  • $36.95

  • 2 HOURS***
  • from $29
  • from $49

  • from $129
  • Ultimate

  • $498


    set price for a group of 10

  • $49.95

  • 3 HOURS****
  • by request
  • 1HR INCLUDED****
  • 5 Pizzas, 5 Sides, 10 Cans

Every *Paradox* Game Party Package Includes

  • Safety Briefing and Training by our experienced instructors
  • Rental of Digital Impulse Tagger
  • Rental of Digital Impulse Headpiece
  • Dedicated instructor to run entertaining games
  • Rental of Asylum custom heavy duty overalls
  • Access to INDOOR & Outdoor Game Arenas
  • 2 hour of *Paradox* game experience time**
  • Photographs, taken during the games (uploaded to Facebook)

Upgrade to The Ultimate Party

Our Ultimate Packages include 60 minutes of party room hire and a wicked deal from Hell Pizza.
Hell Pizza makes some of the best pizzas in the country, and now Asylum Paintball is proud to offer Hell Pizza catering to our customers.

Book an Ultimate party package and take the guess work out of planning your teenager's birthday party.

Contact us if you want more choice on your order or would like to know more.

In case pizza isn’t your thing, we’ve also got a selection of soft drinks, bottled water, sweets and snacks available throughout the day.

Please note: * Digital *Impulse* Tag or *Paradox* Game is recommended for participants of 6 years of age and older. ** Total experience time for Digital *Impulse* Tag or *Paradox* Game Premium Party includes registration, check-in, gear up, briefing, transfer to and from game areas, games, "between-the-games" breaks, toilet & water breaks, any additional breaks requested by the group or organizer, gear down and debriefing. *** Total experience time for Digital *Impulse* Tag or *Paradox* Game Ultimate Party includes Premium party experience /see **/ and up to 1 hour of party room hire. Experience and game times may be decreased at the discretion of Asylum operations staff, in cases where the group does not arrive at the specified time for their booking. **** 60 minutes of party room hire is provided to the group after the games, unless arranged otherwise by prior agreement.
Please contact us if you require further information.