Stag Do Paintball


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Best Stag Party Paintball in Auckland

  • Stag dos
  • Bachelor parties
  • Private games*
  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • All weather
  • BBQ and private function areas
  • Catering options
  • Unlimited games**

There is no other place like Asylum to kick off his stag do. We are New Zealand's only indoor and outdoor paintball entertainment facility. We are Auckland's only premier paintball park, designed to run highly entertaining stag party paintball. We are always keeping it safe, organised and fun.

Our Stag Do Paintball Packages are designed to make it super easy to organize the best event for your stag. Professional trained instructors, with years of experience in running bachelor parties, will make sure that everyone in your group enjoys the paintball action. Book now and we will make sure that your stag will thank you for choosing Asylum Paintball - New Zealand’s top rated paintball park.

Play our exclusive "Lockdown Ward", "Tyre Mania" and "Asylum Paintball Sport" arenas.

Stag Do Paintball Packages

  • Paintballs
  • Access to all arenas
  • Safety Goggles Hire
  • Semi Automatic Paintball Gun Hire
  • Overalls Hire
  • Armored Gloves Hire
  • Party Room Hire
  • Catering by Hell Pizza

Asylum Stag Do Paintball Packages Include

  • Safety Briefing and Training conducted by our experienced professional paintball instructors
  • Rental of industry standard paintball goggle protective face mask systems
  • Rental of armored gloves and overalls
  • Rental of a costume for the Stag (if required)
  • Quality .68 caliber paintballs made fresh in New Zealand***
  • Rental of Tippmann FT-12 Paintball guns that are designed for ease of use and reliability
  • Dedicated instructor to run entertaining paintball games
  • Access to all paintball arenas operating on the day
  • Unlimited game time**
  • Photographs, taken during the games (uploaded to website and Facebook)

Upgrade to The Ultimate Party

Asylum Paintball has an amazing idea for the best stag do !

Our Ultimate Packages include a pile of food from Hell Pizza and either outdoor area or large private function room hire - you choose if you want to be outside or inside.

Hell Pizza makes exquisite pizzas and side dishes, and Asylum Paintball is proud to offer Hell Pizza catering for your stag party.

Book an Ultimate package with us and we will take care of your party like no one else does.

Think about it, Ultimate Stag Do package has it all covered - your games, your food and a place to chill after the games.

Contact us if you want to know more.

In case pizza isn’t your thing, we’ve also got a selection of soft drinks, bottled water, sweets and snacks available throughout the day.

Please note: * Private games run by a dedicated instructor. Asylum Stag Do Paintball Packages include a complimentary $100 private group upgrade. ** Stag Do Paintball games do not have a set time limit. Games are run from the booking start time until participants run out of paintballs or end of the operational day, whichever comes first. Additional paintballs are available for purchase on the day. *** Asylum Paintball stocks and uses RAG SPORTS paintballs, manufactured in Auckland, when available.
Please contact us if you require further information.

Games Run Across All Paintball Arenas


Splat Arena

Designed for Indoor Paintball - Splat Arena is the ultimate playground for kids from 6 to 99 years old.

Everybody is bound to enjoy this safe, indoor, carpeted playing area.

Fitted with a sound system and LED color lights Splat Arena has a lot to like and remember.


Drums of War

Drums of war is built as massive outdoor urban assault course. This arena is setup with the spirit of post-apocalyptic scenes. Battle it out among tonnes of drums. It doesn't matter if you are a first timer or a seasoned pro, the Drums of War arena has a lot to like.


Tyre Mania

New Zealand classic - tyre field - taken to the extreme! Deserted courtyard jam packed with jumbo tyres from heavy vehicles and machinery. Awaken your death match skills and experience battling inside a fully caged arena. Tyre mania is certain to provide intense, action packed, fast paced fun games.


Paintball Sport

Asylum Paintball Sport arena hosted many of New Zealand national and international events since opened in October 2013. Play like the professionals do on a regulation sized tournament field. Setup using inflatable, movable obstacles allowing for unlimited layouts. Sport style games will test your team work, communication, strategy and tactics. Adrenaline rush is inevitable.