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King of the Hill 1v1 Paintball Tournament

Do you have what it takes to prove you are the best paintball player in Auckland? Then the Asylum Paintball 1v1 KOTH paintball tournament is for you! The format is simple, players are chosen randomly for 1v1 matches, with the winner staying on the field to play against the next player on the draw. The […] Read more

Apr, 20, 2014



Custom Spyder Hammer Paintball Sniper Rifle

Last week one of our regulars turned up with a rather unique paintball gun that got a lot of interest on our facebook page – a customised Spyder Hammer Pump which has been converted into a paintball sniper rifle using mag fed “first strike” rounds.  This unique gun was debuted at the Armageddon scenario game […] Read more

The Asylum Guide to: Surviving Armageddon 2014 Scenario Paintball

Armageddon is New Zealand’s largest scenario paintball event held on the 29th and 30th of March, 2014 in the Waikato on the Timberwolves very own private paintball field.  With camping on site and crazy paintballers from around the country its guaranteed to be one of the most fun paintball events you’ll attend all year (even […] Read more

Mar, 26, 2014


The Asylum Guide to: Night Time Paintball & Airsoft Operations

The night is cool, you can feel the breeze against your skin and hear almost any sound in the distance.  Your eyes slowly adjust to the dark as you creep into the building, careful not to stand on anything that might give away your position. All of a sudden a massive firefight erupts, tracers are […] Read more

The Asylum Guide to: Stock Class & Pump Paintball

Here at Asylum we love all sorts of paintball, and one our favourite forms of paintball is good old pump paintball – so here it is, the low down on pump action and stock class paintball. Pump action paintball guns are probably the most simple in functionality of all paintball markers. To operate you simply […] Read more

The Asylum Guide: Buy Paintball Gear In New Zealand

So you’ve decided to make the step up from being a rental paintball player to that or a regular recreational or tournament paintballer and buy paintball gear.  Asylum Paintball has its very own paintball shop on site, as well as an online store, but we don’t sell everything. With that in mind here is our […] Read more

Paranormal Researchers Investigate Asylum Paintball

Spooky Goings on Recorded In an Abandoned Mental Asylum Kingseat Mental Hospital’s infamous maximum security wards have been locked up for close to 20 years, that is until last year when the team at Asylum Paintball decided to build a brand new paintball field there, unaware of the venues haunted past. After much online research […] Read more

Combat Sports Invade the Waikato Show

Come play Laser Combat for free with the crew from Asylum Paintball, Laser Combat and NZ Airsoft Asylum Paintball will be teaming up with their mates from Laser Combat Auckland and NZ Airsoft to showcase combat sports such as Paintball, Airsoft and Laser Combat at the upcoming Waikato Show to be held on the 11th-13th […] Read more

Soapbox: Realistic Milsim Paintball – A Soldiers View

It’s 2am. You open your eyes into the blinding brightness. Someone is whispering your name “SMITH! SMITH! GET OUT OF BED. STAND TO! WE’RE BEING PROBED.” You sit up in your sleeping bag and your head brushes against the frozen hootchie suspended over your shell scrap. You pull yourself out of the warm sleeping bag […] Read more

Mar, 19, 2014


Blacksheep Media: NZPPL 2013 Finals Video

Blacksheep Media, a kiwi crew of photographers, videographers and paintballers led by Tony Dickson have released their long awaited footage of the 2013 New Zealand Paintball Players League (NZPPL) finals held at Asylum Paintball in Auckland. The two day tournament was won by KC Damage, with Wellington Vendetta and X-Fighter$ Fracture taking 2nd and 3rd […] Read more

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