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The Asylum Guide to: Airsoft Terms

Sometimes it sounds like these Airsofters are speaking a different language, do you have a mate who is into airsoft, but don’t have a clue what they are talking about?  Asylum are here to help with this handy guide to Airsoft lingo!  Sure we’ve probably missed a heap out, so why not let us know, add […] Read more

Mar, 14, 2014



Asylum Sponsored Team ADHD Takes Gold at NZPPL Event 1

Asylum is please to announce that sponsored team ADHD has taken gold at the first NZPPL event of the year on the Kapiti Coast this weekend.  ADHD, along with its feeder team ADHD Red is the unofficial “house” team of Asylum Paintball, whose roster consists of Asylum Paintball staff and regulars.  ADHD is sponsored by BSM, […] Read more

Mar, 11, 2014


Kiwi Paintball Legend Peter Mumby Gets Engaged at NZPPL

Check out this great video of Kiwi paintball player Peter Mumby from Rotorua proposing to his brand new fiance at the NZPPL event #1 in the Kapiti Coast this weekend.   We’ve personally known Peter Mumby for around 15 years, and as kids he was one of the first people to give us support as […] Read more

Mar, 09, 2014


Asylum Paintball Launches Online Paintball Shop

Looking for a paintball shop in Auckland?  Look no further, Asylum Paintball is pleased to announce that its proshop is now online and open for business. New paintball shop with a full range of paintball products Our pro shop contains a full range of paintball products for every type of paintballer, from the newbie, recballer, […] Read more

Feb, 27, 2014



Auckland Laser Tag: Laser Combat Coming to Asylum

Are you too young to play paintball? Or perhaps you don’t like the idea of getting shot, but still want to have all the fun of running around in a haunted insane asylum playing combat games? Auckland Laser Tag is Coming To Asylum Paintball! Auckland laser tag fiends, sick and tired of playing laser combat […] Read more

Feb, 26, 2014



Auckland Paintball – Asylum The New Favourite Field

Auckland Paintball players are in for a treat with the opening of Asylum Paintball, located at 833 Kingseat Road, Auckland – right next to Spookers Haunted Attraction.   Auckland Paintball – The Best Fields at New Zealand’s Top Paintball Park Paintballers have loads of choice, with the ability to play day or night (well soon […] Read more

Feb, 24, 2014



NZ Legal Air System – Announcing Asylum Air

For too long New Zealanders have been stuck with limited choice in NZ Legal Air System.  Thanks to the move towards a new set of international standards, we are able to provide NZ Paintballers with a brand new range of Asylum Air high pressure air systems. Asylum Air – 68cui, 4500 psi system The first […] Read more

Feb, 13, 2014



Watch “Heroes for a Day” On Youtube

Widely considered to be one of the best paintball films out there, the now out of print documentary about professional paintball Team Sacramento XSV “Heroes for a Day” has popped up, in full on Youtube. ‘Heroes for a Day’ is a documentary that follows a group of Professional paintball players, some former champions, who form […] Read more

Feb, 05, 2014



Virtue Vio Goggles now available at Asylum Paintball

Thats right crew, after a long wait the brand new, fully customisable Virtue Vio Paintball Goggles have finally arrived and are the very first to arrive in New Zealand. To celebrate we are offering our fans a very special release weekend discount. We also have the very best prices on the Vio in New Zealand. […] Read more

Feb, 04, 2014



EPBF Releases rules for 2014 European Paintball Season

The EPBF (European Paintball Federation) has, after almost a decade released a full rulebook to replace the ageing 2006 era Millennium Series Rulebook. Previously players had to refer to the rulebook and numerous amendments that were spread across the Millennium Series website. European players understood the rules, as they had been around when changes were […] Read more

Jan, 22, 2014


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