The Asylum Guide: Buy Paintball Gear In New Zealand

So you’ve decided to make the step up from being a rental paintball player to that or a regular recreational or tournament paintballer and buy paintball gear.  Asylum Paintball has its very own paintball shop on site, as well as an online store, but we don’t sell everything. With that in mind here is our guide to buying paintball gear in New Zealand with a selection of the best paintball suppliers in New Zealand.

Remember that if you want to buy paintball gear like a paintball gun that you need to be either a) 16 years with a valid New Zealand firearms licence or b) 18 years without.  Paintball markers purchased from online stores will require a permit to import if they look like a real gun or are capable of firing modes other than straight semi auto.  These have to be applied for BEFORE you import the marker and not afterwards.

We strongly advise against purchasing High Pressure Air tanks from overseas suppliers as these require certification upon import (which is expensive and only cost effective if importing large batches of tanks) and many tanks overseas are not legal in New Zealand (unless they have a valid NZ LAB number or a UN certification under the UNRTDG), stick with the local guys to ensure that you can legally fill your HPA bottle at the field.

Remember that importing something from overseas will also require extra postage costs, GST and customs charges, so your “cheap deal” that you purchased online can often become more expensive than purchasing locally and you miss our on the support if anything goes wrong.

We also suggest that  you do not buy paintball gear from stores that do not specialise in paintball (for instance at sporting good stores and hunting stores), often these stores carry low end, entry level equipment (that has been sitting on shelves for years) at a massive markup, often at a higher price than a high end marker. Entry level masks cost around $50, (not $200) a basic Spyder semi auto paintball marker can be purchased for around $100 (not the $300 I’ve seen second hand ones on trade me).  If you are unsure of the pricing on any product feel free to contact our office on 09 277 0075 and our team will give you the best advice on what is the right equipment for you.

As always, we suggest support your local field or dealer, and if they can’t stock something go online as your next option.   Below are New Zealand paintball suppliers that we personally use and recommend. Remember if you purchase something from them tell them that Asylum Paintball sent you!

Buy Paintball Gear from New Zealand Suppliers

Asylum Paintball

Here at Asylum Paintball we have our very own pro shop stocking a wide range of paintball products including pro jerseys, goggle systems, loaders, high pressure air systems and accessories.  Brands stocked include Dye, HK Army, Exalt, Asylum Air, GI Milsim, Ninja Paintball & more.  Asylum Paintball’s retail showroom is open Wednesday-Sunday.

Phone: 09 2770075
Address: 833 Kingseat Road, Kingseat, 2580, Auckland

Outpost 43

The new kids on the block and they are doing it in style.  The crew at Outpost 43 are not only building a new paintball field on the North Shore (due to open next summer) but are also working on stocking one of the largest ranges of paintball gear in NZ.  Currently stocking equipment from a wide range of brands including DYE, Empire, GXG, Energy Paintball, HK Army, Tippmann, Rothco Tactical, Virtue, GOG, Tech T, Exalt, Proto, Valken, Sandana and more!

Their retail showroom is open Monday-Saturday.

Phone: 09 426 9195
Address: 43 Small Road, Silverdale, Auckland

Paintball Shop

Located on the North Shore, Paintball Shop is one of the largest paintball retailers in New Zealand.  Their retail showroom is open Monday-Saturday.

They stock a full range of equipment including milsim and tournament guns, clothing, goggles, high pressure air systems and accessories.  They stock brands including Tippmann, Dye, Proto, Spyder, Tiberius Arms, Planet Eclipse, Milsig, Rap4, Valken, NXE, GXG, HK Army, Paintball Assassin, Inspire & Edge.

Phone: 09 415 0101
Address: Unit E, 238 Bush Road, Albany, Auckland 0632

Paintball Direct

New Zealand’s main authorised Planet Eclipse dealers, with a full range of Egos, Geos, Eteks and Ethas in stock all the time. Paintball Direct also stock Sup Air barricades, Virtue & Dye Products. They have a small retail store in Taranaki if you are in the area.

Phone: 0800 758 559
Address: 5 Tasman Street, Opunake, Taranaki

300 FPS

Official New Zealand dealers for Macdev and Bob Long, they also stock a range of products from Guerilla Air,  Dye and HK Army. Based in Hamilton, we are told they will have a retail showroom shortly.

Phone: 029 771 7416


The South Island’s specialists in tactical, military and paintball gear. They haven’t been as active in the paintball market and a lot of products will either be on back order or special order if they are paintball specific.  That said they do offer a wide range of products and brands that you can’t get elsewhere.

Brands include Azodin, Bob Long, BT, Dangerous Power, Dye, Empire, Gog, JT, Machine, Planet Eclipse, Proto, Spyder, Valken & Vanguard.


Buy Second Hand Paintball Gear on Facebook Groups

Facebook is home to a variety of groups that are dedicated to selling second hand paintball equipment in New Zealand.  Because they are membership based, equipment tends to be priced fairly, and people will generally comment if there is something wrong with it. This is the best place to purchase second hand paintball equipment in New Zealand.

Asylum Paintball recommends New Zealand Paintball – Buy, Sell & Swap and  New Zealand Paintball B/S/T groups.

What About TradeMe?

Trademe PaintballUsually its where broken paintball gear goes to die, TradeMe is generally not the best place in the world to buy paintball gear. Typically this is where second hand gear goes that doesn’t sell on the private facebook groups.  Though occasionally you’ll find a good deal, especially on vintage paintball gear.

Expect to see entry level, broken or just plain terrible gear being advertised at unrealistic prices by people who don’t have a clue what they are talking about. Be very careful when purchasing HPA systems off trademe, as we have often seen illegal tanks listed here by people who either don’t know, or don’t care.


Do you know of any other paintball suppliers in New Zealand?  Let us know in the comments and we will update this page!