Custom Spyder Hammer Paintball Sniper Rifle

Last week one of our regulars turned up with a rather unique paintball gun that got a lot of interest on our facebook page – a customised Spyder Hammer Pump which has been converted into a paintball sniper rifle using mag fed “first strike” rounds.  This unique gun was debuted at the Armageddon scenario game and has also turned up at some of our night games.

Usually Adam plays speedball for team Shattered, but has more recently started playing more and more pump games in the bush.  He always dreamed of building a proper paintball sniper rifle that actually did what it was supposed to –  without any hoppers or remote lines.

He found that the Spyder Hammer 7 was the perfect marker for the job, with a First Strike capable mag feed, 15 degree bottom ASA and a cheap price, it was the perfect “base” to begin working on the custom gun.  His next step was to find the perfect rifle style stock that could include the bottle, removing the need for a remote line. This was easier said than done! 

His first idea was to start with a standard rifle stock, but he couldn’t find anything locally that would work with the grip frame or tank location on the 15 degree ASA. He eventually moved to the idea of custom making a frame, and ended up having to make two attempts at it before it would work properly. His first was carved out of Macrocapa wood, which was going great until it split before he was almost finished.

His second attempt at a paintball sniper rifle was based around a target shooting stock which he custom designed and built from 5 layers of laminated plywood.  This allowed him to construct the stock so that it had a custom fit for the air system and grip frame. He then spent ages hand shaping the frame followed by hours of sanding and filling the grain before priming and painting.

Spyder Hammer Sniper Rifle

  • Kingman Spyder Hammer 7 (With fully micro polished internals, modified trigger, modified magazine and bolt modified to allow for pivot)
  • Ninja 3000 psi, 12cui HPA tank
  • Mini weaver rail on the front (with bipod attached)
  • 3-9x zoom 40mm rifle scope, with rubber outer
  • Elevated scope rings
  • Custom bolt
  • Rifled hammer head barrel back (makes First Strike rounds spin for accuracy)
  • Lapco hushshot extension on the front of barrel for length and porting
  • Stock barrel tip

Adam will consider making one off custom versions of these, so if you are keen, get in touch with him and let him know.  They won’t be cheap, but they will be worth it!

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