The Asylum Guide to: Surviving Armageddon 2014 Scenario Paintball

Armageddon is New Zealand’s largest scenario paintball event held on the 29th and 30th of March, 2014 in the Waikato on the Timberwolves very own private paintball field.  With camping on site and crazy paintballers from around the country its guaranteed to be one of the most fun paintball events you’ll attend all year (even if it isn’t at Asylum!)

What Makes Armageddon Special?

Ollie's infamous paintball tank, now with a full auto paintball turret!

Ollie’s infamous paintball tank, now with a full auto paintball turret!

Bjorn and Ollie do a great job in creating a really fun environment over the two days. Expect lots of great scenarios, props, gadgets and sponsored giveaways (Thanks Dye Asia, Enola Gaye, Outpost 43). The game is made up of not only two opposing forces, but numerous scenario (and the odd speedball team as well, ADHD will be there) teams battling it out for various objectives and missions all over the farm. Armageddon is like no other event, and has a few things that make it really special, thanks to Ollie’s inventions. Previous events have had the odd night time mission, so make sure you brush up on your night time paintball tactics.

Paintball Tanks

Thats right, Armageddon is the only place you’ll find paintball tanks like you see in the big games in the states.  Expect to see Ollie racing around the field in his very own paintball tank, equipped with a seemingly limitless amount of ammo.

Laser Targeted Air strikes

I read about this on the Outpost 43 site, I’m not exactly sure how its going to work, but it will be great to see in action!

The Cannon

Ollie's other trademark contraption, his anti tank gun that fires tennis balls!

Ollie’s other trademark contraption, his anti tank gun that fires tennis balls!

Last year Ollie debuted his cannon, a replica WWII anti tank cannon, that starts off completely disasembled and must be put back together before it can be used. This thing is HUGE! And of course it fires tennis balls, the perfect weapon to be used against paintball tanks or bunkers!

Day 1 Details

Day 1 Timetable

0700: Rego table open
0930: Rego table closed
0945: Briefing warning call (gear up)
1015: Briefing Second call (move in)
1030: Briefing Start
1100: On Field and Start
1300: Lunch Break
1345: Gear Up warning call
1415: Gear up and move in final call
1430: On field and re-start
1600: Game Over
1700: Prize Giving

Day 2 Details

As dawn breaks over widow woods two giant armies gather across the valley from each other. The tension is high as the solders all know this will be the great deciding battle.Prepare yourself for one of New Zealand’s largest and most action packed paintball battles ever. This 5 hours non-stop game brings a new edge to paintball, with capture locations constantly earning points for your team, but with optional bonus missions available to tip the tide to victory.

Bonus missions include:

  • Armoured Vehicle Convoys (Escort the Vehicle and cargo along a pre-defined route to safety)
  • Elite 5 on 5 Dead matches (game in game Speedball battle)
  • Laser Guidance Target Destruction (with pyrotechnic affects)
  • Vehicle Intercept (ambush and destroy)
  • Armoured Vehicle Rampage (go on a killing spree to claim as many capture locations as you can)

All bonus missions will have an operation time, so good team planning will be required. Respawns will be from squad leaders, so fallen solders need only drop back behind the battle front for and wait a moment before redeployment

What to bring

Paintball Marker (Bring a few)

Full Auto and Burst modes are allowed at this years event, but must be capped to 15 Balls Per second, there is no rate of fire cap for semi auto markers.  Remember to play nice, players will be penalised and potentially ejected from the event for intentional overshooting. Its a long (two day event) and chances are some people will have markers go down on them, so remember a spare, or at least a tool kit to ensure you are kept in the game!

A Legal Guardian (if you are under 18)

Under 18’s are more than welcome to play at Armageddon, but the organisers request that you bring a legal guardian with you who stays on site during the whole event and is able to sign a waiver form for you.

Camping Gear (and Meat!)

Anyone that’s staying over the two days should really camp out on site.  Bring a tent (or crash in your car) and LOTS of meat to barbecue.  It just isn’t an Armageddon event without the Horse Meat Army cranking up the BBQ!

First Aid Kit

We don’t expect anything to happen, but we are playing on a working farm so its possible to get the odd sprained ankle and graze. If you are a trained first aider please let the organisers know as well when you arrive.


You’ll want to buy extra paint, gear from the shops on site, and food cooked by the Auckland Paintball Club.  Confirmed prices so far are:

Premium Full Weekend Pass $140

  • Full entry for both days
  • 1x Box of 2000 rounds Delos Paintballs
  • Camping

Full Weekend Pass $130

  • Full entry for both days
  • 1x Box of 2000 rounds Meteor Paintballs
  • Camping Facilities

Premium Day Pass $90

  • 1 Day Entry
  • 2x Bags of Delos Paintballs (1000 Total)

Day Pass $85

  • 1 Day Entry
  • 2x Bags of Meteor Paintballs (1000 Total)

What Not To Bring

Smoke Grenades

While Enola Gaye is a sponsor, the organisers have asked that people do not bring smoke grenades to the event due to fire risk – its really dry at the moment. There will be smoke used at the event, but it will used by referees during some scenarios.


Armageddon is a field paint only event, paint is being sold at a very special price close to wholesale, so please support the organisers. Prices are:

  • 500 Meteor paintballs –  $20
  • 1000 Meteor paintballs –  $35
  • 2000 Meteor paintballs – $60
  • 500 Delos paintballs – $25
  • 1000 Delos paintballs – $45
  • 2000 Delos paintballs – $70

How to Get There

Armageddon is located on Old Road, Orini, Waikato in what is known as “Widow Woods”, the Timberwolves Paintball field. GPS coordinates are -37.577542,175.212287

View Widow Woods in a larger map

Mar, 26, 2014