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South Auckland Paintball Club Inc Race Series Results

Congratulations to all teams involved with the SAPC Race series.  Here are the winners of the open (D1/D2) Division. Scores for the series are:   For the 2014 season there will be some changes.  Firstly due to the change in firearms laws we will move to the international standard for Race, which is capped ramping. […] Read more

Could this be the most exciting pro game of the 2013 season?

Here at Asylum we love watching paintball videos and movies, usually it takes a lot of editing to make a really exciting video. Not this one, here is quite possibly one of the most exciting paintball matches we’ve watched in a long time. It set this year at the Millennium Series event in Bitburg, Germany […] Read more

Dec, 19, 2013


Millennium Series to run 1v1 Tournament at each event

Who would like to see something like this at Asylum? The Millennium is pleased to announce the launch of a one on one championship at this year’s events, starting in Puget. The event will be high profile with as many games as possible being played on the CPL field & covered by the Millennium TV […] Read more

Dec, 14, 2013


PSP Announces 10.2 BPS Cap for Pro League in USA

Today the PSP (Paintball Sports Promotions) announced a move to a 10.2 BPS cap for Pro teams, while leaving other divisions at the old 12.5BPS Cap.  This brings it closer to in line with the European Millennium 10.5 BPS cap and the proposed APL league (Which will be using a variant of Millennium Series rules). […] Read more

Dec, 14, 2013


Watch Paintball Movie “Push” in full on Youtube

Push was the first paintball movie I ever watched when I as a kid, I remember saving up my christmas money, ordering it from the USA via Tony at Paintball Supply and putting the VHS tape into the video recorder after school every day obsessing about the pros, Automags, Autocockers and these crazy new things […] Read more

Dec, 13, 2013



The History of Paintball In New Zealand

In this article I’ll attempt to explain the history of paintball as a sport in New Zealand, from the first ever game in the USA, to the current International Tournament scene and New Zealand’s place in it.  I’ll look back at the businesses, teams and personalities who made paintball what it is today. I’m 29, […] Read more

Dec, 12, 2013


Did You Know Tippmann Made Machine Guns?

As part of our research into the history of paintball in New Zealand we come across some weird things from yesteryear, and the strangest one so far is, the Tippmann .22 Calibre Machine Guns circa 1980s. Note that you will never see many of these products on a paintball field, or even in New Zealand, […] Read more

Dec, 12, 2013


The Asylum Guide to Paintball Safety

One of the first things anyone gets asked about paintball is “Does it hurt?” or “Is it safe?” which of course, the answer is … well, as with most things..  it depends.   Here is the Asylum guide to safe paintballing. We don’t have access to New Zealand statistics, but according to the United States […] Read more

Changes to NZ Firearm Laws – Paintball Full Auto + Ramping now NZ Legal

Its been just over a year since the Arms (Military Style Semi-automatic Firearms and Import Controls) Amendment Act 2012 became law, and the commencement date (i.e. the date where the law becomes practise) has finally passed. In layman’s terms it means that some things will be easier, and some things will be harder with regards to […] Read more

Dec, 11, 2013


SAPC Inc. Race Finals – Dec 14 2013

The final event of the 2013 South Auckland Paintball Club Race Series is upon us this December 13th at Asylum Paintball.  Find out who will walk away with the series trophy in their very first Race To format series. The event kicks off at 9am, is limited teams and free entry for spectators.  The pro […] Read more

Dec, 11, 2013



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