EPBF Releases rules for 2014 European Paintball Season

The EPBF (European Paintball Federation) has, after almost a decade released a full rulebook to replace the ageing 2006 era Millennium Series Rulebook. Previously players had to refer to the rulebook and numerous amendments that were spread across the Millennium Series website. European players understood the rules, as they had been around when changes were made, but it made it harder for new leagues to adopt the rules as they were not all in one place. The new EPBF Paintball Rulebook changes this:

In the twelve years since its last major revision of the Paintball Game Rules, the European Paintball Federation Board has made a significant number of additions and amendments to the Rules in order to assist referees in their duties and to clarify concepts for the paintball community as a whole. The overall wording and structure has been reviewed and revised to consolidate and reorganize the content for the sake of consistency, simplification and clarification. In addition, certain principles that were previously implicitly understood throughout the game but did not explicitly feature in the Rules of the Game have been included in this new edition for completeness. Finally, the European Paintball Federation Board reminds the federations and associations that it is their duty, under the EPBF Statutes, to ensure the Rules of the Game are implemented strictly and consistently at all levels of competition.

We hope that the APL’s announcement that it will be using Millennium style rules means that they will be adopting the latest EPBF rulebooks for consistency between the USA and Europe.

EPBF Rule Screenshot

We are looking forward to seeing the 2014 PALS/APPBF rulebook and hope that the rules are similar between the two federations so that eventually there is a standard set of international rules for competitive paintball.

The latest EPBF rules are available at the www.epbf.info website.

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Jan, 22, 2014