Auckland Paintball – Asylum The New Favourite Field

Auckland Paintball players are in for a treat with the opening of Asylum Paintball, located at 833 Kingseat Road, Auckland – right next to Spookers Haunted Attraction.  

Auckland Paintball – The Best Fields at New Zealand’s Top Paintball Park

Paintballers have loads of choice, with the ability to play day or night (well soon anyway!), rain or shine with a mixture of indoor and outdoor paintball fields including: “The Killing House” Indoor CQB Arena,  “Lock Down Ward” Indoor & Outdoor Arena in a former psychiatric ward, “Tyre Madness” speedball arena built out of massive tyres and two brand new “Sup Air” style tournament fields, big enough for all formats of tournament paintball.

You Can Play Airsoft Too!

But Asylum isn’t just for paintball players, we welcome airsoft clubs as well.  All of our fields are available for airsoft clubs to book as well, simply let us know and bring your gear – our fields are ideal for a realistic Urban CQB environment using real abandoned buildings – something you won’t find at any other airsoft arena in Auckland. Our past customers consider our field the number one for realistic CQB scenarios in the North Island.

The Best Rental Equipment in the Country

No other paintball field in New Zealand can boast the full spectrum of gear we have available. We use a wide range of paintballs including GI Sportz, Killer Paintballs & Elixir Brands to give customers choice.  We use the very best in rental markers such as Tippmann FT-12s, New Zealand legal 47CUI and 68CUI Air Systems, our compressors are capable of regulated 3000 & 4500 PSI fills (filled by approved fillers of course) ensuring you don’t run out of air at the wrong time. We have upgrade markers including high end tournament guns (with electronic loaders and high capacity air tanks capable of shooting up to 12 shots per second), or mil-sim markers for the commandos out there. We’ve even got smoke grenades made specifically for paintball and airsoft thanks to Enola Gaye!

Auckland Paintball

Perfect For Special Events

We are event specialists, no matter what the event we can do something amazing for you. We’ve got experience in everything from Children’s birthday parties, stag parties, we’ve even hosted a leg of the Cannonball run.  No matter what the occasion, we can tailor a package to suit your unique needs.

What Are You Waiting For?

Seriously… what are you waiting for? Get hold of our team and book your game now, for New Zealand’s leading paintball gaming experience.


Feb, 24, 2014