NZ Legal Air System – Announcing Asylum Air

For too long New Zealanders have been stuck with limited choice in NZ Legal Air System.  Thanks to the move towards a new set of international standards, we are able to provide NZ Paintballers with a brand new range of Asylum Air high pressure air systems.

Asylum Air – 68cui, 4500 psi system

The first in our range of Asylum Air NZ Legal Air System will be a 68cui, 4500psi Air System. Custom wrapped in our very own Asylum Air design, this system is legal anywhere where the UN or PI standards are recognised, making it almost a universally accepted air system (Sorry Aussies, your WorkCover rules suck, we haven’t got approval for Australian use…yet)

But they don’t have LAB Numbers?

Don’t worry, with the new system, cylinders carrying the UN certification are legally allowed to be imported, filled and used in New Zealand providing they have been given an import clearance and are within test.  We will be publishing a full guide to legal paintball tanks shortly for clubs and fields to use as a reference.

How Much Will The Cost?

Well thats a secret…mainly because we are waiting to see what the final cost is to land these creatures after taking into account import clearance, shipping and tax.  Rest assured they won’t break the bank, and will be the first of many tanks to come into New Zealand, finally breaking the monopoly of a single tank choice for Kiwis.

Once we have final costs they will be posted on our Facebook page, and you will be able to purchase Asylum Air NZ Legal Air System directly from our proshop, your local dealer or online.

What About Other Sizes?

Our first Asylum Air bottle is the most popular size, 68cui, which we have chosen due to people wanting to replace their old Luxfer P11f tanks which are coming to the end of their usable life.  There are already aluminium 47cui tanks on the market thanks to the crew at Paintballshop, so we won’t be manufacturing these straight away. We plan to have some smaller tanks shortly however, and will also look at high capacity tanks for scenario play in the future.

And Regulators?

We must admit we haven’t thought of this yet, but will have a range of regulators available to go with your new Asylum Air tanks.  Keep an eye on the website for more announcements.

Did You Guys Do This All Yourself?

I wish we could say that we did, but there have been a bunch of people working on the tank issue for years, all over New Zealand, and its thanks to their hard work and persistence that we are able to get these tanks in.  Massive thanks to guys like the crew at Paintballshop, Bookie, Mike at Haztec, The Team at Dive Doctor, Toby, Martin at NZ P8NT and others who have put countless hours into the bottle issue over the last decade.

I’m a dealer or player and I want one NOW!

Sorry they aren’t in the country quite yet (they go into production tomorrow), but email us at with your details and we’ll place you on the waiting list.  We’ll let you know as soon as these are available, have been signed off by the powers that be and are ready to use.

Dealers, proshops and the like, let us know if you want these, we are happy to supply to New Zealand, UK, Europe, Asia and beyond, providing the tanks are legal for use in your country.  Our manufacturer is conveniently located offshore for shipping to your country promptly.  Customisation is available to the labelling for larger orders.

Feb, 13, 2014