South Auckland Paintball Club Inc Race Series Results

Congratulations to all teams involved with the SAPC Race series.  Here are the winners of the open (D1/D2) Division.

SAPC Winners

Scores for the series are:

SAPC Race Scores


For the 2014 season there will be some changes.  Firstly due to the change in firearms laws we will move to the international standard for Race, which is capped ramping.  We will be following the format of the Asia Pacific Paintball Federation (APPBF) and Paintball Asia League Series (PALS), with an Open Division (D1/2/3 PALS) and a Novice Divison (D4 PALS).  More information is to be released shortly regarding our agreements with PALS/APPBF & Millennium Series/EPBF for the 2014 season.

We also plan to adopt the APPA player database, which is the same database used by the PSP and PALS leagues, as well as many regional leagues worldwide.  More information is to follow regarding this in the new year. In the mean time, register on their site, its free and you will need to do so before the season.  Make sure you get your photo on there as well for any ID cards.  This will do all sorts of cool stuff like rank players, teams, prevent sandbagging and provide real time scoring online!

Massive thanks to the reffing team who volunteered their time and put up with being shot and all the stresses that come with refereeing paintball.  We are working with international refereeing bodies to hopefully give our referees even more support next season, and have brand new (armoured) ref uniforms coming from Anthrax Paintball.

Clubs are the best thing for paintball and its growth, we strongly recommend (especially with the new firearms law changes) that people join a local club (ours are the APC and SAPC) for representation, support and just plain good fun.

Bring on 2014!