PSP Announces 10.2 BPS Cap for Pro League in USA

Today the PSP (Paintball Sports Promotions) announced a move to a 10.2 BPS cap for Pro teams, while leaving other divisions at the old 12.5BPS Cap.  This brings it closer to in line with the European Millennium 10.5 BPS cap and the proposed APL league (Which will be using a variant of Millennium Series rules).

PSP Press Release PBnation

While causing controversy online, this does bring paintball one step closer to having unified rules, and the experience with a lower BPS cap has generally been good (its stayed this way since 2009 in Europe, and is used in the upper & lower divisions as well as local leagues all through Europe).

Currently BPS caps look like this:

  • New Zealand: Uncapped Semi, but ramping modes are currently being debated
  • Australia (S7 Rules): 15BPS Ramping in Millenium or PSP Modes
  • Africa: 10-12 BPS depending on league
  • SE Asia (PALS/APPBF Rules):  12.5 BPS in Millenium or PSP Modes
  • Europe (Millenium Series/EPBF Rules): 10.5 BPS in Millennium Mode
  • USA (PSP): 10.2 BPS in PSP Mode (Pro), 12.5 BPS in PSP Mode (Other divisions)
  • USA (NPPL): Uncapped Semi

Currently the norm is 10-12BPS ramping, but there appears to be a move towards the 10BPS cap.  Are the days of higher ROF numbered in tournament paintball?  Will we ever see a standardised international set of rules for tournament paintball?

Dec, 14, 2013