Changes to NZ Firearm Laws – Paintball Full Auto + Ramping now NZ Legal

Its been just over a year since the Arms (Military Style Semi-automatic Firearms and Import Controls) Amendment Act 2012 became law, and the commencement date (i.e. the date where the law becomes practise) has finally passed.

In layman’s terms it means that some things will be easier, and some things will be harder with regards to the importation and possession of paintball markers in New Zealand.

The law confirms that a paintball marker is an air gun under the arms act which was previously a grey area, but the good news is it allows for the importation of Full Auto and Select Fire capable paintball markers, which were previously treated as illegal by both the NZ Police and Customs.

This means that we will be allowing the use of certain fire modes from now on, on a case by case basis depending on events.  Please check with management and referees with regards to this.  Tournament trainings will now allow markers to be used in PSP or Millennium Mode at a ROF Cap of 12.5 BPS as per Millennium/EPBF and PALS/APPBF Rulings.

We may allow other modes for club games or certain scenario events.

All markers will still be required to chronograph under 300FPS. 

There do however seem to be some restrictions particularly on the importation of MilSim and other paintball markers. We strongly recommend that paintball players get involved with their local clubs, as this gives them a legitimate reason to import and possess a marker.

Police exerpt

“Restricted airgun – (no firearms licence required other than by dealer)”


“participates in an identifiable shooting discipline or sport at an incorporated sports club with rules encouraging safe and legal use of firearms/airguns and a range certified for the shooting activity and intends to use the restricted airgun in an event at that sports club, or”

So, you don’t need a licence for possession (apart from normal restrictions with airguns if 16-18) only for importation, and if you wish to import you must prove that you participate in the sport and are a member of a club.

Therefore there is a legal requirement to be a member of a paintball club if you wish to import. We suggest that anyone considering importing any paintball markers gets advice from their local club or pro shop.

Police Arms Amendment PR

For more information on the law change and its implications please refer to the New Zealand Police website.

Dec, 11, 2013