Could this be the most exciting pro game of the 2013 season?

Here at Asylum we love watching paintball videos and movies, usually it takes a lot of editing to make a really exciting video. Not this one, here is quite possibly one of the most exciting paintball matches we’ve watched in a long time.

It set this year at the Millennium Series event in Bitburg, Germany and uses the EPBF Race To format, where two teams compete in a match, to score points and the first to hit the “Race” figure, or with the highest amount of points in the time allocated, wins the match.

The match starts as normal until about 15 minutes into the game, in the pouring rain and mud, where Ton Tons end up with a player diving into the snake off the break, he “core samples” his gun (i.e. drives the barrel into the ground while diving) which renders the barrel almost useless.  He attempts to take the barrel off and squeegee it out, but there is too much mud.  Rather than giving up, he unscrews the two piece barrel and plays the game with the 4″ long back end.  There is much controversy over this point as he moves away from what is considered “carried equipment” in the rules, although the commentators debate this.

28.05 Players that separate themselves from any piece of equipment or clothing that they  brought onto the game field by more than 2 meters, except squeegees or pods used for  holding paintballs, will be immediately eliminated.

Its a 1 on 1, Ton Tons are down on points and time, and it looks like the player is about to bunker the last Heat player, but is shot out.

At 17:30 Heat are winning 4 to 2 against Ton Tons, and its looking like an easy win. This is where the game turns and becomes really exciting.  Heat attempt to take the centre M, while Ton Tons race up the field, taking 3 or 4 players out off the break before attempting to run through the final player and score a point in under 20 seconds.

At 18:08 we have 53 seconds left on the clock, Ton Tons appear to smash heat again and with 38 seconds left there is one player left (Greenspan) who is eliminated as the Ton Tons again run thru with a Ton Ton player hitting the buzzer before walking away with two clear hits on him.   There is approximately 10 minutes of debate between the referees and team capitans, with the commentators arguing over whether there should be a penalty and or a point assessed.   Ollie Lang (commentating) refers to this game as “Monkey Football”, you can literally hear the excitement from the crowd and commentators, although both coaches aren’t happy and refs are feeling the stress.

At 26:36 the point is awarded to Ton Tons, bringing the score to 4 all. The Ton Tons have an almost home field advantage (the field is in Europe Vs the USA) and the crowd goes wild.  There are now 33 seconds left on the clock.  The game starts and Ton Tons drop one off the break, the camera switches to the other side and Heat drops 4 players almost instantly, and the remaining 4 Ton Tons players run down the field, before the Ton Tons score the winning point.

Ton Tons manage to win the event with this match, scoring three points in under one minute, all while being down on points and racing the clock.  This is easily the most exciting, controversial, muddy, wet and entertaining game of the 2013 season and is why I personally prefer the Millennium Series to the PSP.  This also blows the argument out of the water regarding ROF and excitement of games, with this game being played at the slower ROF of 10.5BPS.

Go on, grab a drink, watch the match, and enjoy the show! You can discuss the match on

Dec, 19, 2013