Watch Paintball Movie “Push” in full on Youtube

Push was the first paintball movie I ever watched when I as a kid, I remember saving up my christmas money, ordering it from the USA via Tony at Paintball Supply and putting the VHS tape into the video recorder after school every day obsessing about the pros, Automags, Autocockers and these crazy new things called Angels.

This is the video that set the standard that all other paintball videos will be compared too. Professionally captured on film and video by people who play the sport. If you have not yet seen this legendary film, then ask someone who has. They enthusiastically will tell you, that if you are in to paintball you need to own this film! This documentary covers all aspects of the professional paintballer’s life. PUSH features top teams such as Ironmen, Avalanche, Aftershock, and Image to show you what it takes to be the best. Experience their drive, adrenaline, joy and sorrow as you watch them play at the biggest tournament of the year-World Cup. You will share the exhilaration of winning or the agony of defeat, depending upon if their hard work has paid off. Complementing every scene is an awesome sound track, including music by AFI, Promise Ring, Hot Water Music, and Jets to Brazil. PUSH is sure to get you fired-up to play

The movie has been out of production for years, but has recently turned up on Youtube and you can stream it in all its 1990s/2000s era glory right here.


Dec, 13, 2013