Open Letter To The New Zealand Paintball Industry

After years of experience in growing the sport at a local level, the evil masterminds at Asylum have decided to throw a spanner in the works and do what we think is necessary to take paintball in New Zealand to the next level.

Our delusions of grandeur have resulted in our decision to announce two brand new, professionally run, refereed and managed paintball events for the 2015 season.

These will be held on the following dates:

  • 7th and 8th March 2015:  Auckland Paintball Cup
  • 26 and 27th September 2015:  Asylum Paintball Cup

Gone will be the days of a single supplier dictating the cost and quality of paintballs shot.  Gone will be the days of field layouts that are not of an international standard. Gone will be the days of field layouts being kept secret until the day of the event. Gone will be the days of rulesets being modified purely for a promoter to sell more paint.

Our Track Record:

We lead, others follow.  We have been directly or indirectly responsible for:

  • Reviving the 5 man series in Auckland and growing it into one of the most successful leagues in New Zealand
  • Reintroducing the “Race To” format in New Zealand tournament paintball
  • Introducing ramping to tournament paintball in New Zealand
  • Introducing the internationally standardized rules to New Zealand
  • Introducing a player classification database and registration to New Zealand events
  • Sending the first national team to participate in a nations cup since 2004
  • Introducing the first legal carbon fibre HPA tank in a decade

Our Diabolical Scheme:

These events will be held as two day paintball tournaments open to all teams from New Zealand and overseas.  These events will be in two divisions, Open (D1-3, PSP/Millenium 12BPS Ramping, Race to 4 – 10 Minutes) and Amateur (D4, Mechanical, Race to 1 – 3 Minutes). Current APPBF Ruleset and APPA registration and scores. These events are supported by APPBF/ PALS.

These events aim to be accessible to all teams no matter their level of experience or location.  With this in mind entry fees will be limited to $600 NZD per Open Division Team and $200 NZD per Amateur Division Team.  There will be a limited amount of “sponsored” entries available for overseas teams that are willing to travel to New Zealand and participate.

After years of negotiations with key figures in the industry worldwide we have secured the support of the big players in paintball in the Asia/Pacific Region. These events are supported by APPBF & PALS. We are working on securing the support of other leagues and manufacturers at the moment.

In the interests of growing the sport we will be doing something that no ever tournament has been prepared to do in New Zealand – we will be opening the event up to every single vendor in New Zealand (or Australia) to supply paint (or sponsor teams).  All suppliers will be allowed and encouraged to set up a trade show at the event to promote the brands that they represent and sell goods both to the public and to tournament participants.

Vendor/Supplier Participation Requirements:

You will not have to pay a cent to participate at these events, though there are some minimum requirements that will be applied to all suppliers.

  • Suppliers are to bring their best quality paintballs to this event.
  • Vendors can sell paint at any price they want, they can even sponsor teams if they choose.
  • Asylum Events will receive a commission for every box of paintballs that is supplied at the event.
  • There is also an opportunity for one “Gold” level paint supplier to sponsor all of our teams that are participating from overseas. There will be a requirement to provide any teams that are based in a foreign country a total of 4 cases of premium paintballs free of charge, there will be no commission payable to Asylum Events for these cases of paintballs.
  • Vendors are to provide product of a minimum value of $100 NZD for prizes at the event.
  • There will be no commission for any goods or gear sold at the event (with the exception of paintballs).
  • Asylum will provide alarmed storage space in our main building before and during the event (At the supplier/vendors own risk).
  • Vendors and partners to be listed as a sponsor in all online and printed marketing material according to their level of involvement.
  • Vendors to actively promote the event in all social media, online and retail channels and actively seek teams to participate in the events.
  • All vendors are to work alongside each other, in a friendly and civil manner – suppliers who can’t play well with others will be asked to leave and will not be provided the opportunity in future events.

If your business would like to be involved in these professionally run and managed paintball events please contact  us.  New Zealand, Australian & Asian vendors and suppliers please contact the tournament director, Vitaly Miheev by email ( USA vendors and suppliers please contact our international man of mystery, Michael Earley by email (


Vitaly Miheev, Anton Klimenko, Alexi Malikov &  Michael Earley

The Evil Masterminds at Asylum Paintball


Nov, 18, 2014