Stag Do Season 2017

The winter is over, rugby season is done and dusted and the spring is upon us. While it is still quite cold, the Wedding season 2017 is certainly heating up, and where the weddings there are bridegrooms-to-be also knows as stags. Where the stags there are stag do parties.
Stag parties (or how our Australian neighbors like to call it – Buck parties) are a must do before any wedding.

Usually the best man is in charge of the day, he comes up with great ideas, does all the calling and organising and makes sure everyone (including the Groom-to- be) shows up. It is a lot of hard work to organize a memorable stag do, of course you can just throw a BBQ and some beers, but how is that different from any other day?

And where do you start if you want to organize and be a part of a Stag Do that everyone will remember for years ?

Asylum Paintball is here to help! (we will tell you how, after the video)

Enjoy the Stag Do Gauntlet run video below

(best to watch it in HD, to see that paint splatter)



Sometime back we have put this guide – to help with organising a Stag Party, we keep it updated so please check it out, there is a lot of useful ideas in there even if you are not interested in playing paintball during a Stag Day.

However if you choose paintball as an activity for the Stag Party, we believe, you won’t regret your decision.

Asylum Paintball Stag Do packages are designed to make things easier for the organizer or the best man, and here is how we can help:

  1. Schedule filler
  2. Paintball activity will take up between 2 hours and ½ day (depending on how busy the days schedule is) it can be a quick in and out or a full on half day battle to fill the schedule up

  3. Booking is easy
  4. Paintball at Asylum is super easy to book and organize, our online booking system shows live availability and you won’t need to ring around or chase anyone trying to book your Stag Party

  5. Catering options available
  6. Asylum Paintball is teamed up with Pizza Hell Pukekohe to bring the fresh hot Pizzas, directly to you just in time after your games. The pizza meal includes side dishes and works great as a stag do lunch, midday snack or a pre stag-dinner hunger buster

  7. Straightforward pricing
  8. Stag Do paintball packages have all the gear including overalls and gloves provided as well as plenty of paintballs to go through the day

  9. Experienced instructors
  10. Asylum Paintball is proud of our staff – they are experienced, seasoned and know how to run the best Stag Do party in Auckland

Over the years of operation Asylum Paintball has hosted hundreds of Stag Parties, Stag Dos, Hens Nights, Bucks Parties and everyone had a blast, have a look at our Facebook page for reviews, photos and videos from those who already had a chance to experience the best of Auckland’s Paintball – Asylum Paintball.

 Stag Do Ideas 2017

Sep, 20, 2017