National Level Paintball Tournament to be held during Labour Weekend in the South Island

Late last year, Asylum Events published an “Open Letter to the Paintball Industry” announcing two new events: The Auckland Cup and the Asylum Paintball Cup.  These events were unique in New Zealand as they opened up the supply of paint to any supplier ensuring, a high quality supply of tournament paintballs, the ability to sponsor teams and competitive pricing for the first time.

The Return of Tournament Paintball to the South Island.

For too long paintball in New Zealand has been subject to a split between the North Island and the South Island. This has to stop if the sport is to grow. With this in mind Asylum Events are proud to announce a brand new event that will be held in the South.

The New Zealand Paintball Cup

24-26 October, Location TBA, South Island New Zealand

As with the Auckland Cup and Asylum Paintball Cup, this event will be open to any supplier who wishes to participate, as well as any team. There will be no sponsorship conflicts of interest.  The event will be in two divisions – Open (D1-3, Race to 4, 12.5BPS Ramping) and Amateur (D4, Race to 1, Mechanical).

The event will feature a trade show from local and international suppliers, a wide variety of paint choices, low entry fees, prizes, use of the APPA player database, consistent 4500 PSI fills and standardised field layouts that will be published ahead of the event. By hosting this “NZ Nationals” style event in the South Island, we hope to grow the sport throughout the country at the grass levels and make it possible for newer teams to participate in a national level event who might not be able to make it to Auckland.

We will be reaching out to international pro paintball players to host training clinics, which will be available to teams prior to the event. Field layouts will be announced a minimum of one month from the event to allow teams to train effectively.

We are currently looking for local partners to work with, and will be opening up to expressions of interest from local fields who have the ability to host a major event. Asylum Events will be supplying the Sup Airfields, Netting, Compressors and all of the infrastructure required to run the event.  Local fields should have enough space to host an event, adequate facilities for staging and be supportive of growing the sport. Vendors who wish to be involved are invited to also contact Asylum Events.

Our aim is to keep the tournaments affordable while having a great prize pool. Entry for Open classed teams is $600 per team, while amateur teams are only $200 per team.

All paint suppliers will have a chance to supply their best quality paintballs at the event which will be available in a range of grades and prices. Suppliers will have an opportunity to sponsor their teams.

All international teams will receive a total of 4 boxes of tournament grade paintballs free of charge.

Vendor/Supplier Participation Requirements:

You will not have to pay a cent to participate at these events, though there are some minimum requirements that will be applied to all suppliers.

  • Suppliers are to bring their best quality paintballs to this event.
  • Vendors can sell paint at any price they want, they can even sponsor teams if they choose.
  • Asylum Events will receive a commission for every box of paintballs that is supplied at the event.
  • There is also an opportunity for one “Gold” level paint supplier to sponsor all of our teams that are participating from overseas. There will be a requirement to provide any teams that are based in a foreign country a total of 4 cases of premium paintballs free of charge, there will be no commission payable to Asylum Events for these cases of paintballs.
  • Vendors are to provide product of a minimum value of $100 NZD for prizes at the event.
  • There will be no commission for any goods or gear sold at the event (with the exception of paintballs).
  • Asylum will provide alarmed storage space in our main building before and during the event (At the supplier/vendors own risk).
  • Vendors and partners to be listed as a sponsor in all online and printed marketing material according to their level of involvement.
  • Vendors to actively promote the event in all social media, online and retail channels and actively seek teams to participate in the events.
  • All vendors are to work alongside each other, in a friendly and civil manner –suppliers who can’t play well with others will be asked to leave and will not be provided the opportunity in future events.

Host Field Requirements:

  • The host field is required to be within driving distance (less than one hour) of a major metropolitan city that has a domestic airport terminal within the South Island with a range of accommodation (Hotel, Motel and Camping Grounds) available nearby.
  • Must have a level, flat playing surface that is free of hazards for two PALS/APPBF regulation sized fields that can be completely surrounded by netting. The minimum size is 46×38 meters. There should be enough space for at least 1.5m between the field boundaries and netting.
  • There must be sufficient space in order to construct an undercover staging area, as well as vendors area and pits that are suitable for Race style paintball tournaments.

Registrations will open shortly and will be via the APPA website, to express your interest please email or phone 09 277 0075.

The Team at Asylum Events.


(Photos thanks to Blacksheep Media NZ – make sure you like them on Facebook).