The Asylum Guide to: Paintball Stag Parties

Paintball is the perfect way to celebrate someones last few days of freedom before a wedding, and an ideal start to a day of debauchery before a stag night you’d rather forget!  Here is our (completely plagiarised from FHM) guide to organising a stag do!

Here at Asylum we’ve seen it all, heck, we’ve even woken up with a hangover in Bangkok that would put Hangover II to shame.  If you want to put the “Best” into best man, we suggest you include paintball as the first stop on any true kiwi stag party.

Think about who you want to invite, who you want to avoid, and who you want to shoot.  Do you want to just include close friends, or do you want to open it up to the stag’s workmates, or the brides brothers? The simple rule is, are they up for it, a little crazy and will the make the party better? if so count them in, otherwise – conveniently forget the invite.

Next we need to think about money, work out all the activities you want to include, think transport, accommodation for out of towners, food, and of course drinks at all the places we can’t name later on (The ones the wife might not approve of).. Getting money ahead of the event will be like extracting blood out of a stone, it will be hard, but the more you get in advance, the better the party will be.   The last thing you want to be doing is chasing cash on the day.  So get your bros to pay you a deposit, this commits them to the day, and can be invested in some pyramid scheme for extra cash in the mean time. We can guarantee that at least one mate will forget his wallet… or something..

Games and pranks are other ways to make the stag party fun, just make sure that when they are at the field they are safe (tell the staff before hand, and we can help out!).  Think of some challenges for the stag and his mates through out the day, perhaps take a deck of cards and make up 52 challenges, picking them out at random.  Variety is the spice of life. Remember – you can’t go wrong with an electric razor, three nuns, some handcuffs and blue dye at 4am..  Remember to include forfeit rules for those who can’t man up to the dares, be it penalty shots, or a Brazilian waxing..

Fancy Dress – yup, not just the stag, but the entire party.  Get extreme, do something different, we’ve seen too many overweight hairy dudes in a Borat mankini or french maids outfit.  Surprise us, give us some costumes to remember.  After all, you are playing paintball in a Psychiatric ward, so no one is going to be overly bothered how you look (providing you’ve got your mask on).

Strippers – Yay or Neigh?  Well thats up to you, our suggestion though, if you want a movie, you go to the cinema, if you want meat you go to the butchers, and if you want strippers, hit the clubs.

As for the actual paintball, we will keep it interesting, from CQB, military scenarios to stag party favourites such as stag hunting and running the gauntlet.  We’ll give you the stag party you’ll remember before the night you can’t forget…



  1. Paintball
  2. Accommodation
  3. Transport
  4. Adventure Activities
  5. Food & Drink
  6. Nightlife
  7. Naughtiness & Debauchery
  8. Bail money


  • Find an embarrassing costume for the stag, buck of hen
  • Listen to the safety briefing before the game, we tend to run some more.. ahem.. interesting games for stags
  • Bring a camera, the photos deserve to be included in the best mans speech at the wedding!
  • Arrange some catering, Pizza is my favorite, you’ll need plenty of food before you venture off into the night
  • Book transport for the after party, its far safer than driving for the big night, think about different coaches or party buses
  • Take a deposit from people to ensure everyone turns up and has enough money for the day


  • Drink any alcohol before hand
  • Bring the strippers to the field, they’ll freak out when they see the haunted house next door

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This article was last updated on 17th January 2017

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