Low Impact Indoor Paintball for Children

Are you a parent who has kids begging to play paintball, but are worried that they are too young?

Scared of bruises or just wanting to keep the costs of a kids birthday party down?

Look no futher – JT Splatmaster low impact paintball at Asylum is here!

What is JT Splatmaster?:

Our kids SPLATMASTER arena has been build with safe, fun kids paintball parties in mind.  It is indoors, meaning your birthday party won’t be affected by bad weather and is completely separate from all of our other paintball fields, meaning that kids won’t have to worry about being mixed in with adults and traditional paintball markers.

We’ve laid soft carpet down on the floor to give something safe to land on if anyone falls over and all of our barricades are inflatable, meaning it doesn’t hurt if they crash into them. Our field is under lights, so you can see what you are shooting, even when its getting dark.

JT SPLATMASTER children’s paintball guns come in three different options, a rifle, a pistol and a pump action, and kids can swap markers between games.

The best bit – we offer UNLIMITED PAINTBALLS for all of our JT SPLATMASTER kids paintball games.  Yes, you read it right, UNLIMITED PAINTBALLS. This means no nasty surpsises with extra costs if you run out of paintballs.  Simply book your timeslot and it doesn’t matter how much paint you shoot – your game will always be the same price.  This makes SPLATMASTER perfect for parents planning children’s paintball birthday parties and school activities on a budget.

Your booking will get you 60 minutes of game time as well as a table in our club rooms for birthday parties.  Optional upgrades are available that include kids sized pizzas and soft drinks for your party or a FREE BBQ area making SPLATMASTER a one stop shop for all kids paintball events.

A Parents Perspective of JT Splatmaster – Low Impact Children’s Paintball:

  • Low Impact Paintball
  • Designed Specifically for Children
  • Fun & Safe
  • Great way to get kids active and to make new friends
  • No compressed air, just uses a spring to fire

Looking for a fun, safe activity for the kids these school holidays?

Contact us now on 09 277 0075 or email is at info@asylumpaintball.co.nz to book your kids low impact paintball SPLATMASTER game today!