NZ Airsoft – 12 Hour “Night Terror” Game 10 May

The team at NZ Airsoft are organising the first overnight 12 hour airsoft scenario game to be held at Asylum Paintball.  The day will begin with twilight skirmishes followed by a BBQ.  Afterwards CQB in a haunted former insane asylum.

From the NZ Airsoft Page


Asylum Paintball: Villa 10 & 16 Kingseat Hospital, 833 Kingseat Road, Karaka 2580, Auckland


No Minimum Engagement Distances (courtesy bangs at point blank if you can)
Gun power limited to: 350fps on 0.20g BB | 313 on .25g | 1.14 Joules
Full-Face protection required (scarves, shemaghs and bandanas don’t count)
Lensed Eye Protection only – No mesh goggles! Polycarb Goggles can be hired for the event for $5.00
Barrel Cap or Safety cover. This is something we are trying to bring Airsoft into line with the fields Paintball safety standards. We will have standard caps available. Use a spare sock if you have one 🙂


Simply fill out the form below (one form per player). You will be emailed payment instructions.
Your spot is not secured until your payment is made. Payment is required prior to the event so we can forward payments to the Asylum organisers.


Hire gear is available for those members of the public keen to test their mettle. You can find out more about the gear here. If you require gear, please mention it in the comment box of the booking form.
Afternoon Hire only: $39
Afternoon + Night Hire: $59

May, 07, 2014