The Asylum Paintball Guide To: Birthday Parties

For many people, their first experience of paintball is a birthday party, I know mine was. Things have however come a long way since that game 16 years ago on a farm with SL-68 Pump actions, so lets look at whats involved with organising a paintball birthday party.

Even though our field is new, our staff have tonnes of experience in hosting paintball birthday parties.  Kids can have fun playing paintball in our themed, indoor and outdoor field (don’t worry about the rain!) while parents can either join in, or relax in our comfortable lounge and reception.

How much will it cost?
This is one of the hardest questions to answer, as it all depends on what everyone shoots. While there are some less than honest operators out there that will give ridiculously low quotes, that do not include the cost of paintballs we recommend that you budget on all participants shooting at LEAST the minimum of 200 paintballs. Check out our pricing page for the most up to date packages available.

Who should pay?

This is another heated discussion, while some parents may wish to cover all the costs, and others may wish to make it “participant pays” we have found the most common option to be that the host of the party covers the initial package costs, and that participants cover any additional paintballs that they want to shoot. There always will be someone who shoots all their paintballs before everyone else, so participants should budget for extra paint if they have a heavy trigger finger.

What about safety?
Paintball, when on a proper, commercial field that observes industry best practice is one of the safest action sports, and is safer than many other activities. We must stress however that this is only the case on proper fields, we do not recommend holding paintball birthday parties on your own property without trained staff. You can find out more about safety in the Asylum Guide to Paintball Safety.

What should everyone bring?
We strongly recommend that everyone wears old clothes, and brings some clean clothes & a towel to change into when they are finished. Wear old sneakers or sturdy shoes.  Our paintballs are designed to wash out, but as your are playing indoors and outdoors you might get grass stains.   We recommend layers loose clothing, such as hoodies or jeans, which help protect you, but can be taken off if you get too hot!

Paintball Cake 2

We have a limited range of snacks available, as well as soft drinks, but feel free to bring food if you wish to have a party (how about a paintball themed birthday cake!), and remember to book our BBQ area or party room in advance.

Think about whether you want to open your presents before or after the paintball game (we recommend after the game when the kids have calmed down a little bit). Paintball themed cakes are also a pretty awesomely epic idea, make sure you check out google images (its where we got these photos from) for lots of picture of paintball cakes from around the world!

If possible, we recommend meeting at home and driving in convoy to the field, its not that its far away, but we’ve seen what its like organising groups, and its great for everyone to arrive at the same time. We also recommend telling people on the invites a slightly earlier time than the booking, as there will always be someone who is late, and we want you to be able to enjoy your fully allotted booking time on your birthday!

Print out the map from our contact details page, and let everyone know that we are right next to Spookers at Villa 10 & 16 Kingseat Hospital, 833 Kingseat Road, Karaka, Auckland.  Please phone us if you are running late on 09 277 0075

Photos will be posted up on our Facebook page and we try to be as quick as possible in getting these up, goggles are also available free of charge for any parents who wish to photograph the event, though they must also obey all our safety rules. If there is any reason why you do not want photos taken, please let our staff know at the start of your game, and they will not put photos online.