The Asylum Guide to: Your First Game of Paintball

We’ve all been there, our first game of paintball, the nervousness, the fear, the wonder, followed by the excitement and adrenaline rush of being out on the field shooting at the opposing team.  But what about those who have never played paintball before?  What should you expect and how should you prepare for your first game?

Booking Your Game:
You might be organising a game for yourself, your workplace, your friends or your family, or you might be attending a walk-on game (where individuals turn up and join in with others to make an ad-hoc game), but first you need to book, or at least find the time of the walk on game.  The first step is to give us a call and find out if your time slot is available, the approximate cost and any special requirements you might have.

What to wear?
We recommend wearing loose, dark old clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty.  Paintball can get hot and sweaty so dress in layers so you can cool down between games.  Often people bring a bandana, sweatband or baseball cap to cover their head when playing. Most people wear jeans and a sweatshirt, old overalls or army surplus gear on their first game.  Make sure you bring sturdy footwear, such as trainers or combat boots, and leave the jandals at home.  Sometimes overalls are available to rent, but make sure you ask in advance when booking.

Checking In:
On game day, you will be expected to sign in, either as an individual or a group.  First you will sign a waiver, agreeing to follow the rules of the field, listen to the referees etc.  You will then pay for the equipment rental and paintballs that you will use during the day. Children will need a parent or legal guardian to sign in for them.  Paintballs can be purchased in quantities of 150, 500, or 2000 and are cheaper the more you buy.  Fields do not allow you to bring paintballs that have been purchased elsewhere.

Safety Briefing: 
After checking in, you will be given a safety briefing along with the fields rules.  We expect all players (either returning or experienced players) to take part and listen carefully to the briefing.  This will cover safety aspects including minimum ranges, how the paintball markers work, scenario rules, goggles and barrel blockers and other important information.  No alcohol is allowed to be consumed prior to playing paintball.

After the briefing you will be taken to the armory, where you will be given your rental paintball marker and goggles, or if you have your own gear, to the chronograph station where all paintball markers will be safety and speed checked to see that they fire under 300FPS and meet our safety requirements.  You will now have a chance to fill up your pods with extra paintballs, and remember, all paintball markers must have a barrel blocker attached at all times when not on the field.

The Game:
The game will start on a whistle and your objective will be to capture the other teams flag, elimiate all players or hold a specific area of the field for a certain time.  To eliminate a player you must shoot them with your paintball marker and the paintball must break on their body.  When you are hit you will feel a small sting (though sometimes with the excitement and adrenaline you will barely feel it).  Upon being hit you must signal your elimination, keep your goggles on and walk to the “dead zone” of the field. The game will end when the objective has been met.

Between games you will have an opportunity to return to the staging area to clean your goggles, purchase extra paint, food or drink, or take a breather. Remember that the referees are there to ensure you have a safe, fun time, so ask them any questions you might have.

After the game:
Find out who won the games with the most points, clean up and take a shower, grab some food and a refreshing drink and chat to your mates about who was the best.  Ask the staff for the facebook page where you can view and tag your in game photos and share them with your friends.  And remember, to tell your mates how awesome paintball is.

Want to play regularly?
Paintball is one of the fastest growing sports and recreation activities in the world.  Talk to our team about getting your own gear, and how to get involved in either tournament or milsim paintball with the local clubs.  Who knows, we might even see you competing at the NZPPL or World Cup Asia in the future!