NZ Airsoft Presents. Asylum Night Terror 2

This is the second in our series of NZ Airsoft Night Terror CQB events in association with the Asylum Paintball venue. Find out just how steely your nerves are are by playing action packed CQB Airsoft in the HAUNTED Kingseat Mental Asylum Maximum Security Ward – OVERNIGHT!

The first event was awesome and this one is shaping up to be even bigger and better!

Gates will open at 5.00pm followed by a briefing at 6.00pm. Gaming will commence at 6.30pm for 12 HOURS OF HAUNTED CQB HUNTING!

These events are a fun way to showcase Airsoft to the public so invite you friends, family or social club mates along. NZ Airsoft has 30 sets of hire gear available.

More info available on the Night Terror event pages.

The event will be limited to 60 players* – first in, first served. You MUST book online via the NZ Airsoft website to reserve your spot. Facebook, Text and Email RSVP’s do not count. Your spot is not secured until payment has been received. Pay by the end of September to receive a 5% discount!*

*Conditions apply – see website for details.


Dressing the part

We’ve been getting asked whether players are allowed to come in costume. Well, we are big fans of costumes at events as they add to the overall atmosphere and enjoyment of the other players.
So, any player who chooses to wear a costume will receive bonus points towards their score or the score of their team!
*Please ensure any costumes meet the event safety requirements and are not hazardous to wear (eg, likely to trip you up on the stairs).


Items of Interest

It’s a scavenger hunt! Find out what you will be searching for and what the items are worth to get a head start on the competition.
More items being added prior to the game so check back!

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BB’s for Sale at Night Terror 2

We’ll have a supply of ICS 0.25g BB’s for sale during the event.
1kg Bags (4,000 BB’s) for $20 per bag.
Stocks are limited so if you think you’ll need some grab them when you arrive. You don’t want to be out of ammo in a haunted hospital* at 3am
*NZ Airsoft makes no claims that BB’s will keep you safe from ghosts. While there is no conclusive proof that ghosts are affected by BB’s they are considered unlikely to call their hits. Feel free to indicate “cheating” ghosts to marshals. Any ghosts caught cheating will be exorcized from the field.


Oct, 16, 2014