Defeat The Zombie Outbreak This Halloween At Asylum Paintball

After months of news reports of outbreaks in around the world, the deadly disease has breached New Zealand’s strict biosecurity processes and made it over the border.  Ministry of Health Officials have confirmed the first case of a victim rising from the dead in an undisclosed facility south of Auckland. The victim’s name has not been released, but it appears that this is the first New Zealand report of the dead rising, following incidents in West Africa and the United States.


Widespread fear has gripped the nation, as this disease – considered by some to be a bioweapon ravages parts of the developing world. The first patients were quarantined just outside of Auckland, in an abandoned former insane asylum. The disease spread amongst those in the quarantine area, eventually to both patients and wardens. A grave mistake was made when it was decided to bury the victims rather than cremate them – on the very grounds of the facility itself.


The former facility has been cut off from the rest of South Auckland and the recently deceased are roaming at will.  There are rumours that just before the final scientists succumbed to the fevers and bleeding, that an experimental antiserum was developed that could be used to temporarily disable the zombies, while a vaccine was said to be located on the upper levels of the maximum security facility.


High powered firearms, developed from converted paintball equipment have been made available, these guns that have been used to deliver pepper spray and other crowd control chemicals in prisons, now have a limited amount of ammunition treated with the antiserum.


Your mission is to penetrate the boundaries of the Asylum, rendezvous with military personnel, discover the weapons cache containing the zombie ammunition, remove all hostile threats from the property and evacuate any remaining staff along with the cure.

There is a limited window of time before the property is destroyed by airstrike at midnight on the 1st of November.  We need volunteers join the Zombie squad and get hunting!


  • Explore one of New Zealand’s most haunted buildings on Halloween.
  • Hunt real Zombies under the watchful eye of our zombie hunting experts.
  • Discover the cure and save the world!
  • Zombie Movies Running on the Big Screen
  • Real life game play for when video games get boring.

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