Watch Paintball – Movie “Push” is released on YouTube by Partic Spohrer

Back in December 2013 we have published a post on Asylum Paintball’s website offering our fellow Auckland paintball followers to watch “Push” – one of the best full length paintball movies documenting the golden age of paintball, the copy of the video was uploaded onto one of the fans channels and was not quite official.
Back when the movie was released in US in early 2000, it played a major role in publicizing the sport of paintball.
Yesterday Patrick Spohrer – a well known sports film maker – has officially released the video on his YouTube channelMonkey with a Gun, and added a short notice to the viewers in the beginning of the video.
Patrick is the original director of the movie, released it in 2000, he has a vast background of filming extreme sports like surfing and skateboarding and is still chasing and living his passion and dreams. His accomplishments include: directing 3D simulator ride (if you are ever in Las Vegas we recommend you have a go), filming various video adverts for big brands like Nissan and Yamaha Watercraft, filming popular (back in the day) full length surf movies (Gone Surfing and Rolling Thunder) and skateboard films (Wheels of Fire and Streets of Fire).
Over the years of involvement with film making industry Patrick had worked Warren Miller – well known Ski, Snowboarding and extreme sports film maker.
Patrick agrees that it was his pleasure to film the paintball documentaries like “PUSH”.
We highly recommend every one to watch this Iconic movie, to catch the feeling of the gold age of paintball, back when paintball tournaments were broadcasted on ESPN, sport was new and competitive and the industry was booming.
We certainly hope that we will see the rise of competitive paintball again, and perhaps this video will spark some interest in sport of paintball.



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